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A Simple Acronym to Remember Your Participants Names [Video]

Posted by Jeff Welch on 10/14/19 8:00 AM
Jeff - Remembering Participants Names


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Finding Your Passion for Training

Posted by Jeff Welch on 10/7/19 8:00 AM


Photo by: Free-Photos via Pixabay

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How to Manage 4 Generations in the Classroom

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 9/30/19 8:00 AM


Photo by: Rudy and Peter Skitterians via Pixabay

For the first time in recent history, employers are faced with having four generations in the workplace. This can create additional challenges for Learning and Development, as well as classroom instructors. While all generations prefer their learning is relevant, timely, participative, and beneficial to them, there are, however, differences in the instructional techniques and methods a classroom instructor uses to address the needs of each generation.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Vocal Skills for Presentations

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 9/23/19 12:08 PM


Photo by: Irina Logra via Pixabay

Trainers need excellent vocal skills to engage their learners and keep them active in training. Strong vocal skills are important in many other situations as well, both professionally and personally (e.g. interviewing for a new job, going on a date with your special someone, delivering a presentation for your colleagues, etc.). In all these situations, it’s important to concentrate on what you are saying, as well as how you are saying it. Strong vocal communication skills are critical in training and in life, so it’s a good idea to know how to improve them.

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How to Minimize Instructor Burnout [Video]

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 9/16/19 8:00 AM
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Top 10 Tips for Maximizing Small Group Work in Training

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 9/9/19 8:00 AM


Photo by: StartupStockPhotos via Pixabay

As an instructor, I’ve always placed a lot of value on learners working in small groups (e.g. 4-6 people). The benefits of small group work are many: the sharing of ideas, collaborative problem solving, and complimentary skill sets, to name just a few. Recently, I’ve experienced some learners who expressed a preference to work independently. This can create issues in terms of the dynamics within the group. Perhaps it’s time to go back to the basics and revisit the best practices for maximizing small group work in training.

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3 Guidelines for Creating a Dynamic Classroom-Based Escape Room

Posted by Sandy Beauchemin on 9/2/19 8:00 AM



When a performance-based review is not a realistic option, a fun way to conduct a non-performance review is in the form of an escape room. An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players (often in teams) solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Within a training environment, the classroom is used as the escape room and the course content is used to create the puzzles and riddles.

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4 Strategies for Coping with Challenging Behaviors in the Virtual Classroom [Video]

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 8/26/19 8:00 AM

4_Strategies_for_Cop (1)

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Why a Producer is Key to Virtual Classroom Success

Posted by Dawn Lang on 8/19/19 8:00 AM


Photo by: Free-Photos from Pixabay

Just like a good movie or event, there’s a lot that goes on “behind the scenes” to pull off a successful virtual classroom session. The preparation and actions of the producer are key to the session’s success. I’ll reveal some of these behind the scenes actions by addressing the typical questions asked about producers and their role in the virtual classroom.

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Overcoming 3 Challenges to Providing Feedback in the Virtual Classroom

Posted by Jeff Welch on 8/12/19 8:00 AM



In a typical training course, learners spend significant amounts of time completing skill-based activities and exercises. During those exercises, or upon completion of them, each learner should receive feedback on their performance. In a traditional instructor-led course, the feedback process is fairly straight-forward. In virtual training, however, the process of giving and receiving quality feedback might pose a few challenges.

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