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How to Build Rapport with Your Learners

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 6/27/16 8:00 AM



I’m sure many of you have heard the expression, “Without customers there is no business.” It’s no secret that customers are a company’s greatest asset and it costs a lot more to get a new customer than retain a current one. So what does that have to do with us trainers? Well, let’s face it, our learners are our customers and without them we wouldn’t be in business.

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How to Connect With Your Learners

Posted by Jeff Welch on 8/25/14 4:00 AM

A learning style is defined as an individual’s natural pattern of acquiring and processing information in a learning situation. As individuals, we all learn differently. Thus, a learning style is an individual’s preferred way in which to learn.

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3 Factors to Address in Relapse Prevention Planning

Posted by Jeff Welch on 1/3/13 4:00 AM


Photo by: Wolfgang Hoffmann via Pixabay

Each New Year we are always excited about starting anew. Perhaps we resolve to eat healthier, spend more quality time with loved ones, or stop procrastinating; however, as time marches on, it’s likely that temptation gets in the way, other things take priority, or we simply don’t accomplish certain tasks. We eat that extra slice of pizza. We opt out of family movie night in order to finish a work-related project. Or, we simply just don’t get around to cleaning out the garage. In other words, we relapse.

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3 Ways to Incorporate Informal Learning in Your Organization

Posted by Langevin Team on 11/8/12 3:00 AM

You may have heard the following statistic: people learn 70 to 80% of what they need to know to perform their jobs through informal means. While traditional classroom courses and e-learning programs aren’t likely to fade away, it is time to focus some of our efforts on that 70 to 80%.

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5 Ways Learner Analysis Will Impact Instructional Design

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 9/17/12 4:49 AM

You’ve all heard this phrase before: “Know your audience!” It is one of those truths in life that crosses over many disciplines. If you’re making a speech, you are taught to know your audience. If you’re writing a paper, you are taught to know your reader. If you’re selling a product, you are taught to know your consumer. So if you’re designing training, you need to know your learners!

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Connecting with Learners in the Technological Age

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 6/21/12 4:44 AM

We all have them; Smartphones, Blackberries, iPads, cell phones, and laptops are all devices designed to help us stay connected. We can now take our work lives home with us and our home lives to work with us. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin enable us to connect with family, friends and business associates literally all over the world in seconds. Wow! Isn’t it amazing the ability we now have to get, and stay, connected?

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Topics: technology, social media, instructional techniques, learners

How to Make an Emotional Connection with Learners

Posted by Jeff Welch on 6/11/12 4:37 AM



As trainers, we’re often tasked with presenting large amounts of content and material. Our public speaking and instructional skills must be top-notch in order to be considered effective.


There is no shortage of information on becoming a better public speaker so many of you probably have a good handle on the basic mechanics. If you’ve mastered the basics, you know how to properly organize the delivery of your training; you’re effectively using techniques to grab your audience’s attention; you know what to do in the case of a PowerPoint mishap; perhaps, you’ve even conquered the nerves and anxiety that plague a novice speaker.

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8 Benefits of Formal and Informal Learning

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 5/10/12 4:28 AM

We are all learning machines. We learn constantly and in so many ways. We learn by doing, by observing, by listening, by reading, and by teaching others. We also learn through formal and informal means. What’s the difference between the two and what are the benefits of each? Let’s see!

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3 Creative Ways to Select Music for the Classroom

Posted by Langevin Team on 5/7/12 4:27 AM

I like to play music before class and while participants are on break. For years, I’ve used CDs and computer software to play music in the classroom. Recently, that all changed when I finally got an MP3 player. I’m having a great time coming up with ways to use it in the classroom. I’d like to share three of my favorite techniques to get your participants involved in music selection. These methods can be used just before a break, or at the end of the day to select the music for the next morning.

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5 Tips for Instructional Designers to Address Generational Learning

Posted by Linda Carole Pierce on 5/3/12 5:05 AM

I recently watched a television program where the daughter stated that she was about to meet with her friends to do homework. Her mother responded, “Great, I’ll prepare snacks” until she turned to find her daughter sitting with her laptop and all of her friends were on Skype. I later watched a news report that virtual classrooms are being incorporated in public education. Children will attend school at home in their pajamas. I chuckled, because it was clear to me that one of the cartoons of my youth, “The Jetsons,” is truly being manifested.

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