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How to Win your Learners with a SMILE

Posted by Linda Carole Pierce on 8/3/15 4:00 AM

I was recently at the gym and overheard some complaints about one of the fitness instructors who is perceived as knowledgeable but cold. I felt the same way about her until I got to know her a little better. I discovered she is passionate about her job and sincerely cares about her clients. What she lacks is a smile. When she does smile she radiates warmth and kindness.

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Tags: instructor-led training

3 Instructional Techniques for Training a Small Group

Posted by Langevin Team on 4/20/15 4:00 AM

During my career as a trainer, I've worked with groups as large as 75 and as small as 2 participants. When working with large groups, one of my favorite instructional techniques is to put the learners in small groups for activities. However, when the class size is so small that you don't even have a traditional 4-6 person group, how do you adjust your facilitation? With some of Langevin’s more advanced workshops, I have found myself in this exact situation. With a few modifications to my style, and some tried-and-true instructional techniques, I can easily facilitate groups with only a couple of participants.

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Tags: instructional techniques, instructor-led training

6 Tips for Delivering Training in a Hotel

Posted by Paul Sitter on 3/16/15 4:00 AM



I often train in a hotel banquet room where the staff is professional and does a great job with room set-up, but as a trainer, I love to tweak. Fortunately, banquet staff graciously put up with my idiosyncrasies! Here are a few things I’ve learned to do the evening before training to stage a professional, yet comfortable, room for my class:

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Top 10 Housekeeping Rules for Classroom Training

Posted by Paul Sitter on 1/19/15 3:00 AM

“It’s obvious!” Well, no, it’s not. At least that’s what most of us in the training world have found. The old saying, “One man’s ‘Duh’ is another man’s ‘Huh?’” comes to mind when considering general housekeeping rules for classroom training.

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Tags: instructor-led training

Instructional Techniques to Promote Learner Participation

Posted by Langevin Team on 12/22/14 3:00 AM

For me a larger size group makes it easier to encourage learners to participate. Let’s face it, in a larger group there are more chances that we’ll have an extrovert (or two!) who will engage with the instructor and other learners, and encourage the group to interact.

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Tags: instructional techniques, instructor-led training

3 Tools for Success as a Trainer

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 10/13/14 4:00 AM

The other day I was writing down some notes to prepare for a workshop and decided it would be wise to use a pencil. A pencil, now that’s an antique. Who uses pencils anymore?! The worst part about the moment was that the pencil needed sharpening and I did not have a sharpener! I did not have the right tool to do the job. That got me thinking about what tools I need for my job as a trainer and why they are so important.

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Tags: lesson plans, instructor-led training

4 Tips for Effective Flipchart Use

Posted by Jeff Welch on 9/29/14 4:00 AM

“Changing the world one flipchart at a time!” That’s the motto of a dear friend of mine who has been a trainer for many years.


Just like my friend, I’m partial to using flipcharts as a visual aid during my training sessions. They are low-tech, easy to create, and can be produced and customized right on the spot.

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Tags: instructor-led training, tips-for-trainers

How to Deal with Speaker’s Anxiety

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 5/26/14 4:00 AM



It’s early 2014 and my husband is in our living room, pacing to and fro, anxious about his presentation skills and about giving a presentation for “the powers that be” at his office. As many organizations do in the first few months of a new year, they ask department heads to share their goals and plans for the upcoming year. When I asked him what was making him so nervous, he said, “Unlike you, I don’t speak in front of people on a regular basis – it’s nerve wracking!”

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Tags: presentation skills, instructor-led training

How to Increase Your Training’s Impact

Posted by Alan Magnan on 5/12/14 4:00 AM

Wrapping up a course seems like a no-brainer: you revisit the objectives, ask if there are any final questions, and hand out (or link to) the course evaluation form. What else could you possibly need to do? Here are four other activities that can increase the impact your training has on the job.

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Tags: instructional techniques, instructor-led training, tips-for-trainers

8 Tips for Increasing Training ROI

Posted by Paul Sitter on 4/28/14 4:00 AM


Source: Pixabay

Return-on-investment (ROI) is one of the most common buzz words in the training industry today. Given limited training budgets and minimal availability of employees for classroom training, how do you, as an organization, get the best performance improvement for the money spent on training?

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Tags: evaluation, instructor-led training, tips-for-trainers

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