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3 Instructional Techniques to Win Over Learners

Posted by Jeff Welch on 3/14/16 4:00 AM


As you start reading this blog you may wonder how a Greek philosopher relates to instructional techniques used in a training session. Keep reading and it will all come together. I promise.

While purging and packing for a recent cross-country move, I came across a book I hadn’t seen in years. It was one of my textbooks from an argumentation and debate class I took my senior year in college.

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Tags: instructional techniques

How to Connect with ESL Learners

Posted by Paul Sitter on 2/22/16 3:00 AM

Connect with ESL Learners

More and more instructors are finding themselves having all, a significant number of, or sometimes just a few participants in their classrooms who were not raised with English as their primary language. How do you connect with this audience?

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Tags: instructional techniques, tips-for-trainers

3 Instructional Techniques to Encourage Learner Motivation

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 2/8/16 3:00 AM



I enjoy people-watching as I am resting between weight lifting sets at the gym. The sight that really makes me chuckle is watching people use the exercise bicycles. Many times I observe people who are more interested in reading their book, tablet, or smartphone than really putting forth the effort to ride the bike. Their minds are so engrossed with their devices their feet are barely moving! I always smile at this because I know that although they are moving their feet, they are not really benefitting from their workout.

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How to Captivate Your Learners with Engaging Lecturettes!

Posted by Beth Brashear on 2/1/16 3:00 AM

Did you know the average adult attention span is now around five minutes? Yes, you read that right—five minutes! According to an article from, “the average adult attention span has plummeted from 12 minutes a decade ago to just five minutes now.” You are likely saying to yourself, “Only five minutes? My lectures are longer than five minutes. What do I do to keep them engaging?”

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Tags: instructional techniques, instructor-led training

Top 10 Tips to Keep Learners Engaged

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 1/18/16 3:00 AM

 After more than 15 years with Langevin (how the time flies!), the number one question I still hear is, “How do you keep learners engaged in the classroom?” Let’s face it, no one likes listening to a boring lecture. Everyone wants their voice to be heard. Our learners have considerable experience and they want to speak, participate, and contribute to the session. How do we do this? By using a variety of instructional techniques, of course!

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Tags: instructional techniques

How to Create Your Own Brainteasers

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 1/11/16 3:00 AM



Everyone loves a good brainteaser! They are very versatile, can be used strategically throughout your training, and should be part of every instructor’s instructional techniques toolbox.


Using a brainteaser at the beginning of your course gives participants a chance to get to know one another and work on something that is fun.

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Tags: instructional techniques, icebreakers

4 Instructional Techniques for Instructor Credibility

Posted by Jeff Welch on 12/7/15 3:00 AM



Credibility is essential to just about any organizational role, from management to information technology. However, it is especially important in our role as trainers. As corporate trainers, we’re tasked with leading and guiding individuals on a journey of improved skill and knowledge. How can we expect people to follow us on this journey if they aren’t sure we’re credible?

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5 Instructional Techniques to Enhance Your Presentations

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 11/2/15 3:00 AM

I once attended a live owl show at a ski lodge up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The session was 75 minutes and the presenters had the audience in the palm of their hands. I enjoyed the session thoroughly as I was given the chance to observe six different varieties of owls. I even enjoyed the presentation leading up to the display of the owls themselves. I appreciated the introductory slide show because the two presenters used very effective techniques to engage the group and keep their interest the entire time. Normally, I find presentations boring, especially when the presenter has poor delivery skills and just drones on and on, spending too much time on one slide.

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Tags: instructional techniques

4 Instructional Techniques for Becoming a Better Listener

Posted by Langevin Team on 10/26/15 4:00 AM

Let’s face it, not everyone is a good listener. We can use this awareness to find creative and effective ways to be a better listener, especially when facilitating in the classroom or consulting with clients.

Here are four instructional techniques that will help you improve your listening skills:

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Tags: instructional techniques

6 Ways to Use an Agenda in Training

Posted by Alan Magnan on 10/19/15 4:00 AM

“Agenda” is a Latin word meaning “things to be done.” Every training session should include one. It is an invaluable tool that can help start, manage, and end a course. Here are six ways to get the most out of your training agendas:

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Tags: instructional techniques, virtual classroom

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