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4 Key Steps to Mastering Your Influencing Skills

Posted by Langevin Team on 5/13/19 8:00 AM


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We often hear that it’s difficult to get what you want and to persuade others to want what you want. Yes, it can be a challenge depending on the scope of the situation and your role, but it’s not impossible. We often fail because we are simply “winging it” and have not thought things through or developed a plan. A wise business professional understands how important it is to have a strategy in order to be persuasive and convincing. A big part of that strategy is understanding the power of influence. In our workshop, How to Influence People and Events, as well as our Certified Performance Consultant program, we focus on four key steps to mastering your influencing skills.

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8 Steps to Handle Challenging Behaviors

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 12/10/18 8:00 AM


Photo by: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

I’m never surprised. It’s the same result, every time. Whenever I teach the How to Influence People and Events workshop, I ask the group to select their top three workshop objectives from the list. So, what’s their top pick? It’s always the same: apply specific strategies to handle challenging behaviors!

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10 Tips to Increase your Charismatic Power

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 1/8/18 8:00 AM


Photo by: Rawpixel via Pixabay

Have you heard that within seconds of meeting someone we decide whether we like them? More importantly, that first impression is almost impossible to reverse and sets the tone for the relationship that follows.

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4 Ways to Positively Influence People and Events

Posted by Langevin Team on 1/9/17 8:00 AM



I’m sure you’re aware of the saying “It’s not just what you know, but, who you know!” In todays’ business environment, this saying resonates with high volume. It can be challenging in the workplace to ensure all voices are heard, especially with so many employees working remotely, globally, and with such a variety of ways to communicate.

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Women and Office Politics – 10 Ways to Increase Your Power

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 9/12/16 8:00 AM



About 7 years ago, I wrote a blog entitled, “The Game of Office Politics – Do you know how to play?" In it, I referenced a book by Dr. Lois Frankel called, “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers.” In her book, Dr. Frankel suggests that women work too hard but don’t get promoted, purely because of that hard work. What else are we guilty of? We make our offices too girly and we don’t capitalize on work relationships. After all this time, I wondered, “Has anything changed?” Do women hold more leadership positions than before? Are we really breaking that glass ceiling and getting the corner office? 

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5 “Powers” You May Not Know You Have

Posted by Langevin Team on 1/25/16 3:00 AM

High-level positions often come with responsibilities, stress, and accountability. But, they also come with power and authority given through the position in the organization. This “given” power is crucial in negotiations, decision making, and influencing people and events.

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How Trainers Can Ensure Training Success

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 3/23/15 4:00 AM



In an earlier blog, I talked about three groups of people needed for training success in your organization. These groups are managers, trainers, and employees. In this blog I will look at how we, as trainers, can ensure training success where we work. This can be extremely challenging because not only do we need to learn and apply professional best practices ourselves, but we also must educate and influence those around us to allow us to implement those best practices!

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How to Influence Others

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 3/2/15 3:00 AM

So, you need a favor from me. What’s the best way to ask for it? Do you present me with facts and numbers? Do you use the model, “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine?” How about trying to charm me into saying, “yes?” Or do you get me excited about the idea? What if you have no authority or power? With so many options, what’s the best answer?

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