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An Icebreaker When Time is Tight

Posted by Paul Sitter on 4/11/16 4:00 AM

A table change is a useful tool for trainers to help manage group dynamics. It can also be used as an energizer and to minimize disruptions. A table change can wake people up in the morning or late afternoon, and can build some much needed physical activity into the day. Most trainers routinely include table changes into their training.

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Tags: icebreakers

How to Create Your Own Brainteasers

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 1/11/16 3:00 AM



Everyone loves a good brainteaser! They are very versatile, can be used strategically throughout your training, and should be part of every instructor’s instructional techniques toolbox.


Using a brainteaser at the beginning of your course gives participants a chance to get to know one another and work on something that is fun.

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Tags: instructional techniques, icebreakers

How to Build Creativity into your Training

Posted by Linda Carole Pierce on 10/6/14 4:00 AM

I’ve often heard trainers complain that their courses are dry and they want to make them more interesting and fun. Bring on the creative instructional techniques! They want their courses to be livelier, however, in the same breath, they share their reluctance to take risks and try something new and creative.

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Tags: energizers, instructional techniques, icebreakers

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