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4 Techniques to Combat Negativity in Training

Posted by Jeff Welch on 5/21/18 8:00 AM


Photo by: Robin Higgins via Pixabay

Negativity has no place in training. It can derail learning-based conversations and discussions. It can taint the experience for trainees who actually want to learn. A negative training environment can even block learning from occurring, which can have a detrimental impact on successful job performance.

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Tags: facilitation skills, instructional techniques, instructor-led training

5 Timeless Training Concepts

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 5/7/18 8:00 AM


Source: Pixabay

I’m a big fan of working out and staying fit. At my local gym, I often notice exercise programs change frequently. One day they are offering cross-fit, a few months later they are offering fitness 360, a few months later they are offering fitness boot camp, and on and on. One fad fitness workout program after another. Who knew there were so many ways to keep fit!

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Tags: facilitation skills, adult learning principles, instructional techniques, presentation skills, instructional design, technology and training, public speaking skills

Are You Using Facilitation Skills?

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 3/30/15 4:00 AM

Have you ever wondered what your training style is and where it came from? Do you like presenting most of the material in the course or do you prefer when participants direct their own learning? Do you like controlling discussions or prefer listening to what others have to say?

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Tags: facilitation skills, instructional techniques

Using an Agenda in Training

Posted by Linda Carole Pierce on 6/2/14 4:00 AM

I recently had a lengthy discussion with a client regarding the purpose of an agenda and what should be included. The client did not understand its purpose or value and consequently had not been using an agenda in her training programs. This blog will highlight some of the key points discussed with the client and why I think they are important.

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Tags: facilitation skills, presentation skills, tips-for-trainers

5 Tips to a Powerful Voice

Posted by Linda Carole Pierce on 3/6/14 3:00 AM


 Photo by: English via Pixabay

Do you know the real power of your voice? Actors know it, broadcasters know it, singers know it, and trainers should know it, too! I came from a theater arts background before I entered the training profession and I quickly learned how necessary a powerful voice is. I was taught how to project my voice on stage so that even the person sitting in the very last row could hear me! My theater directors and coaches taught me to breathe deeply and throw my words out like I was throwing an object out at my audience. Over time, and with consistent practice, I was able to project almost effortlessly.

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Tags: facilitation skills, instructional techniques, presentation skills, tips-for-trainers

6 Tips for Developing Ground Rules in a Facilitated Session

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 2/27/14 3:00 AM

When running a facilitated session we would like to think that common sense and good manners would prevail. This is not always the case. Sometimes in facilitated sessions, particularly those sessions dealing with contentious issues, participants can let their emotions get the better of them. In these situations it is a good practice to develop ground rules.

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Tags: facilitation skills, instructional techniques

Facilitation Skills: How Social Do We Need to Be?

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 2/20/14 3:00 AM

Developing rapport with learners and establishing a good learning climate can make or break your sessions; these are key facilitation skills for instructors and facilitators. Learners need to feel welcome, safe, comfortable, and understood in our classes. We also strive to build cohesiveness amongst the group. All good facilitators know that learner relationships are just as important as course content.

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Tags: facilitation skills, instructor-led training, tips-for-trainers

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