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How to Create Quality eLearning Quizzes

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 9/19/16 8:00 AM



When designing elearning training sessions, instructional designers may spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on how the content will look on the web page. Learners respond well to a graphically pleasing elearning module but it’s also important to pay attention to the actual content of an elearning quiz! Remember that “need to know” content presented in an interesting and well-thought out elearning quiz, along with meaningful feedback, will help make your elearning even more successful.

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Topics: adult learning principles, evaluation, tips-for-trainers, e-learning

Does Your Organization Support Training Success?

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 2/18/15 3:00 AM

I often ask my workshop participants, “What three groups of people must work together for training to be successful?” They always know the answer – managers, trainers, and employees. In this blog I will talk about how managers can either help training succeed or lead to its downfall. In future blogs I will look at how trainers and employees can contribute to training success in your organization.

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Topics: managing training, evaluation, training manager

Four Levels for Evaluating Training

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 1/26/15 3:00 AM

Ode to Donald Kirkpatrick – Father of the Four Levels of Evaluation

I was very sad when I heard, quite some time ago, of the passing of Donald Kirkpatrick, the creator and founder of the four levels of evaluation. Even though I never met him, I feel connected to him in some way. You see, I have been teaching his principles for over 14 years now. Let me rephrase that, not just teaching, but rather inspiring and motivating others with his vision. I am so passionate about his evaluation model and the impact it has made on the world of training.

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Topics: evaluation

8 Tips for Increasing Training ROI

Posted by Paul Sitter on 4/28/14 4:00 AM

Return-on-investment (ROI) is one of the most common buzz words in the training industry today. Given limited training budgets and minimal availability of employees for classroom training, how do you, as an organization, get the best performance improvement for the money spent on training?

Here are eight simple suggestions to increase the ROI for your instructor-led trainings.

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Topics: evaluation, instructor-led training, tips-for-trainers

9 Ways to Win Management Buy-In for Training

Posted by Paul Sitter on 7/15/13 4:00 AM

Without management buy-in training doesn’t occur, the right people aren’t in the classroom, and training is not reinforced in the workplace. Here are nine strategies that may work for you and the two levels of management where they might work best.

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Topics: needs analysis, evaluation, tips-for-trainers, instructional design

5 Steps to Writing Effective Training Department Policies

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 4/22/13 4:00 AM

Your accounting department has policies, your HR department has policies, and IT has policies, so what about your training department?

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Topics: managing training, evaluation

How to Take Level 1 Evaluations in Stride

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 11/12/12 4:00 AM

As trainers we are vitally concerned with the quality of the learning experience we provide for our participants. Of course, we want them to acquire knowledge and skills and use it back on the job; but we also want them to enjoy the training. For years trainers have been debating the value of the level 1 “smile sheet” that is used when evaluating training. Its purpose is to determine learner reaction to the training. Usually we ask questions about the training materials, the training environment and, of course, the instructor.

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Topics: evaluation, instructor-led training

A Lesson Learned about Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Marsha Weisleder on 9/24/12 4:57 AM

Customer satisfaction is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company, meet or exceeds customer expectations. Today, more than ever, where businesses compete for customers, it is seen as a key differentiator and has become a fundamental element of business strategy.

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Topics: evaluation

How to Deal with Soft Data in your Evaluation of Training

Posted by Langevin Team on 8/20/12 4:25 AM

We live in a world of numbers. We have to because numbers are such an integral part of our lives. For example, when you purchase a home, you need to know what you can afford. A $200,000 home or a $500,000 home will greatly impact the entire purchasing process. If you are a sports fan, then it is all about the numbers. Baseball, for example, has often been called a numbers game.

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Topics: evaluation

5 Ways to Tell if Your Training is Past its “Sell By” Date

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 5/31/12 4:46 AM

I recently had an international training assignment in Switzerland. While I was there I made the most of some free time and took a small boat ride across Lake Geneva to Evian, France. Evian, of course, is famous for its bottled mineral water from local springs. People have been drinking this water for over 200 years. In 1908 it was sold in glass bottles and in 1975 switched to plastic bottles. The water itself has not changed; the locals feel it can’t be improved.

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Topics: evaluation, instructor-led training, instructional design

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