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How to Use Interactive Games and Exercises in Training

Posted by Langevin Team on 10/22/18 8:00 AM
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Learners want training to be fun. It’s as simple as that. To encourage and maintain ideal behaviors, and to ensure a successful transfer of new knowledge and skills, training must be interesting and motivating for learners. Don’t forget, we are often competing with cell phones, social media, emails, and other distractions, so it’s essential to ensure learning is fun.


When learners find training boring, no matter how vital the information, it’s unlikely the course will be successful. To increase interest and retention, the delivery, application, and review of the content should be interactive and engaging.


So, where do you start? Here are three tips on how to use interactive games and exercises in training:

1. Use frequent, but brief, puzzles and games. Try to incorporate a mix of course related and non-course related activities to keep things interesting.

2. Use personal examples together with exercises and course content. The more relatable you make the content, the more excited the learners will be to practice what they’ve learned.

3. Incorporate competitive games. Adults love to compete so use this to your advantage.


By applying these three simple tips, your training will be more effective, interactive, and engaging. As a result, your learners will be more motivated and excited to apply what they’ve learned, not only in the classroom but also back on the job.


Interested in more ways to use interactive games and exercises in training? Check out Langevin’s Games in Training eBook. To add an element of entertainment and friendly competition to your sessions, Ralph's Ultimate Collection of Brainteasers, Puzzles & Trivia is an easy-to-use resource packed with hundreds of items to use in your training!


Ultimate Guide to Making Training Fun

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