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How to Support Peers Who are New to Training

Posted by Langevin Team on 4/15/19 8:00 AM
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Being a trainer for the first time can be a bit overwhelming and downright nerve racking. So, what is the key to feeling comfortable in this new role, succeeding in learning and development, and not running for the hills? Keep your nerves in check, know your content and audience, and be organized. Share these tips with any new trainers in your department. They’ll be looking to their fellow trainers for guidance and will be relieved to know they are not alone. Let’s look at each tip in more detail:


Keep Your Nerves in Check

Regardless of how long we’ve been training, we all deal with a certain level of nervousness. So, when speaking with your peers, be transparent about your nerves and the techniques you use to help you remain calm. Then ask your colleagues what their concerns are and share some valuable tips or relevant articles you’ve found helpful.


Know Your Content and Audience

Knowing your content and audience are absolutely vital. When chatting with a peer that’s new to training, provide examples on how you prepare for training. What is your process? What obstacles are common in your company and how do you overcome them? Remember to mention any tricks you’ve picked up on how to get to know your audience. The fewer surprises for them, the better!


Be Organized

Being organized can seriously reduce the new trainer’s stress level. Be sure to emphasize the value of the lesson plan. Explain how the lesson plan is a trainer’s best friend. It includes the fine details for each course including the timing, exercises, and all required materials—it’s your cheat sheet for the course, and it’s a lifesaver!


So, there you have it. These quick tips will help you welcome and support new trainers within your department, ensuring their experience is as comfortable and positive as possible. Don’t forget, it’s always more fun in the training department! Share your enthusiasm for the role, as well as these tips, to help your colleagues hit the ground running.


To set them up for further success, have them check out the Training 101 and New Trainer’s Survival Skills workshops, as well as the New Trainers Survival Kit.


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