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How to Manage too Much Content and Not Enough Time

Posted by James Summers on 8/13/18 8:00 AM
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Picture this… “tick…tock…tick…tock.” Why is that clock so loud? You’re starting to perspire, anxiety is consuming you, and you have far too many topics left to cover in the fifteen remaining minutes before your learners realize it’s the end of the day and start packing up to head out the door. Can you picture it? What do you do? Most of you have likely run into this situation. Well, don’t panic! I’m here to help you figure out how to get all that content in, in a small amount of time.


These are my top three tips on how to manage too much content and not enough time:

1. Create a road map and stick to it To truly be a master of your time, you must have a well mapped, detailed plan of your entire course. You need to know what presentation methods to use to deliver content, what application methods are planned for the practice opportunities, when break times will occur, what ice breakers and puzzles to use to keep learners engaged, etc., along with the length of time needed for each of these items. Be sure to consult your lesson plan often and stick to it.

2. Answer the learners’ question, “What’s in it for me?” It’s important for you to know what content is the most relevant for the job your learners are currently in. By focusing on the need-to-know content, rather than the nice-to-know details, you can eliminate busy work and further optimize your time.

3. Be the “Guide on the Side” Provide learners with additional content and resources to review as evening opportunities. This will allow more time for the actual application of the content during the session. In addition, this will help you transition your course from leader-centered to more learner-centered.


These are three subtle, yet effective, instructional techniques you can use to help manage your content and time. Have you dealt with this issue? What techniques did you find helpful? Comment below and I look forward to reading your thoughts.


For a more in-depth look at how to stay on schedule, avoid time-wasters, and handle the "too much content, not enough time" dilemma, have a look at Instructional Techniques for New Instructors.


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James has been a course leader with Langevin since 2016. He studied Communications and Journalism at Florida A&M University. He started his career as a communications specialist in the Florida State University Law Center. Once he moved back to Dallas, he began his role as a trainer, working with adults to help them achieve their GED. It was in this role that James discovered his passion for training and working with adults, and hasn’t looked back! His second passion is fashion! James loves to stay up to date on new ideas and trends, and style his friends and family.

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