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How to Create Quality eLearning Quizzes

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 9/19/16 8:00 AM
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When designing elearning training sessions, instructional designers may spend a lot of time, energy, and resources on how the content will look on the web page. Learners respond well to a graphically pleasing elearning module but it’s also important to pay attention to the actual content of an elearning quiz! Remember that “need to know” content presented in an interesting and well-thought out elearning quiz, along with meaningful feedback, will help make your elearning even more successful.


So take these seven quick questions into account to increase the value of the quizzes in your elearning modules:

1.  Is the quiz optional or mandatory? Trends are leaning towards learner-directed elearning where the learners have the option to choose whether to complete quizzes and activities or not.

2.  Will the quiz will be graded/scored? Take into consideration that grades may be required for compliance or certification purposes.

3.  How will the quiz be evaluated? Web-based quizzes tend to be evaluated electronically; however, self-evaluation or external evaluation may also be an option.

4.  Will the quiz be timed? Timing a quiz might be appropriate as it creates a sense of urgency. However, it also might create undue pressure on the learner.

5.  Will the learners be able to retake the quiz? In some cases it is appropriate to allow the learner to take the quiz repeatedly until he/she scores 100%.

6.  When will the feedback be given? After each question or at the end of the quiz? Adult learners tend to want to know how they are doing as they progress through the quiz. Remember that feedback needs to be specific and meaningful.

7.  What type of question is most suitable? The right type of question enhances the quiz. Multiple choice, sequencing, true/false, matching, etc. For example, a sequencing quiz only makes sense when the content presented is required to be in a specific order.


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Steve has been a course leader with Langevin since 2000. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and dreamed of being a pro soccer player. Steve translated his love of soccer and physical performance to the corporate sector and became a trainer. He’s had the pleasure of training within the government, large corporations, and as an independent consultant. Outside of training, Steve’s two biggest passions are his family and guitars, which he collects and plays!

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