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Why I Love Being a Trainer

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 9/21/15 4:00 AM
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The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television® is America’s premier morning show that brings today’s busy on-the-go modern woman positive solutions and cutting-edge ideas to help balance and enrich their everyday lives. Recently, I was privileged to represent Langevin on an episode of the show. During the ensuing interview by host Olga Villaverde, she asked two right-to-the-heart questions: how did I get my start in the training industry, and what did I enjoy most about my current role as a course leader with Langevin?


Those of you who have attended any of my workshops know my journey into the world of corporate training began about twenty years ago, when I was hired as a corporate trainer for a beauty company based in Los Angeles. I loved teaching people. Whether it was showing a young lady how to apply her makeup, or teaching a beauty advisor how to close a skincare sale, I truly enjoyed the process. There’s something uniquely satisfying about seeing the light bulb go on for a learner. It makes me feel that I have passed something tangible, something lasting to another individual. That feeling of accomplishment is what continues to drive me.


So there I was, roughly three years into my cosmetic training job, and still loving it, when the mailman delivered my first Langevin course catalog. Like most corporate training professionals, I had never been formally trained to work with adults in an instructional setting, so I immediately (and eagerly!) requested to attend my first “train-the-trainer” workshop. My company granted me the time (and tuition) and off I went. Who knew there was so much to learn? So many tips, tricks, and tools—all meant to make my job easier, and to bolster the learning experience for the attendee! I left that workshop with a to-do list a mile long and couldn’t wait to get back to work to start implementing some of my new-found knowledge.


This enlightenment only whetted my appetite, and soon I attended a second Langevin workshop. It was at the second course that I knew I had to work for Langevin. That I could do this full-time—bring clarity to training methodology and provide skills and knowledge for any trainer to succeed in their career—seemed like someone had devised the perfect job for my passion, my talent, and my desire to help others succeed. And so my tenure with Langevin began.


Now it’s been fifteen years, and I still love what I do! My Husband says I love an audience, and maybe that’s part of what drew me to this career as well. Recently I’ve heard several motivational speakers talk about “following your passion” and “following your dream.” I would amend that to: “find something you enjoy and are good at and become excellent at it.” If you have a smattering of teaching talent, a desire to pass on knowledge and to see the “ah-ha” moments light up a room like fireflies on a summer lawn, AND want to be excellent at it, then I encourage you to take your first (or third or sixth!) course with Langevin.


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Melissa has been a course leader with Langevin since 2000. She graduated from the University of Nevada where she studied broadcast communications. During her college years, Melissa worked as an on-air personality for several radio and TV stations in Las Vegas. She’s always been a bit of a performer, which is probably why training is such a good fit for her. Before coming to Langevin, she was a senior training specialist and course developer for an organization based in L.A. Melissa knows the challenges trainers face, as well as the rewards that come with improving job performance. Her training mantra is summed up best by something she learned during her very first Langevin workshop, “Never do for the learners what the learners can do for themselves.” When not in the classroom, Melissa loves travelling, relaxing at the beach, cooking, and hosting dinner parties.

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