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5 Benefits of Professional Trainer Certification

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 5/25/15 4:00 AM
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“To be or not to be, that is the question.” You probably recognize this quote from the Shakespearean play, “Hamlet.” But in this case, I’m not writing about Shakespeare, Hamlet, or plays in general. I’m referring to the question I’m asked frequently by my clients on whether they should get certified, or not. Gaining a professional certification is a step that sets you apart – it benchmarks your knowledge and skills in a recognized way, and Langevin offers the most recognized and widely attended certification program in the training industry. To date, over 20,000 training professionals have been certified with us.

So, is it worth putting in the time and effort? Consider these benefits of earning professional trainer certification, and make the decision for yourself.


Certification with Langevin:

1. Endorses you as an informed and capable training professional, giving you credibility with management and your peers.

2. Increases your earning potential and/or possibility of a promotion. What better way to say to your boss and company that you’re invested and want to advance within the organization.

3. Enables you to gain skills. You’ll get comprehensive coverage of the competency areas you need. You can choose from several different areas of focus, including: Design, Facilitation, Management, Performance Consulting, and eLearning.

4. Allows you to tap into the knowledge of your peers. We can’t all be experts in all topics. With Langevin’s professional trainer certification programs, you’ll have access to peers (and your Instructor, of course) with expertise to gain new-found knowledge, discuss ideas, and ask questions.

5. Allows you to become indispensable to your organization. Need I say more?


While it’s often said that "experience is the greatest teacher," a professional certification "rounds you out." It gives you exposure to ideas and approaches outside your comfort zone, either learned from the Instructor, the course content, or from your peers. In addition—and this point should not be taken lightly—being able to think outside your experience is the mark of a true leader. So what are you waiting for?

Melissa has been a course leader with Langevin since 2000. She graduated from the University of Nevada where she studied broadcast communications. During her college years, Melissa worked as an on-air personality for several radio and TV stations in Las Vegas. She’s always been a bit of a performer, which is probably why training is such a good fit for her. Before coming to Langevin, she was a senior training specialist and course developer for an organization based in L.A. Melissa knows the challenges trainers face, as well as the rewards that come with improving job performance. Her training mantra is summed up best by something she learned during her very first Langevin workshop, “Never do for the learners what the learners can do for themselves.” When not in the classroom, Melissa loves travelling, relaxing at the beach, cooking, and hosting dinner parties.

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