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5 Lifetime Benefits of Training

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 7/28/14 4:00 AM
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Well, we’ve recently finished tax time and this is the time of year I think about money! I think about budgets, what I spend on things, and how I can save money over the next year. I think about what I pay for health and dental insurance but then I realize that it buys me tremendous peace of mind for an entire year which means a lot. I think about how much I pay for gasoline and the mileage I get out of a full tank — which varies, of course.


Have you ever thought about what you get for money that you invest in training courses and how long the benefits last? I have the answer for you. The money you spend on training and education is worth every penny. Why? Because the benefits you receive for the additional knowledge and skill last a lifetime! What else can you spend money on that lasts a lifetime? Clothing does not last a lifetime, food does not last a lifetime, cars don’t last a lifetime, and money certainly does not last a lifetime.


The knowledge and skills you receive through training classes can bring you many things. Here are some lifetime benefits:

1. You will be eligible for more work opportunities and possible promotions.

2. You may earn a greater salary with your increased skill set and job performance.

3. You will be more knowledgeable at business meetings with training professionals.

4. You will be able to mentor and teach less experienced co-workers.

5. You will never be bored at work because of all the new skills you will be busy implementing!


So, how about that! It is difficult to find things and even relationships that last a lifetime but training and education are definitely worth the investment! The time and money I spent on Langevin Learning Services workshops early in my training career helped me gain all of the benefits I listed above, and so many more! I hope to see you at a workshop soon!

Lynne has been a course leader with Langevin since 2007. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in Education from Boston University. After working many years in human resources and sales, Lynne transitioned into training, her true passion, where she’s been facilitating since 1994. Her training philosophy is simple—learning should be fun! The essence of a good instructor is someone who can make complex things easy to understand and fun to learn. In her free time, you’ll find Lynne cycling, hiking, downhill skiing, and scuba diving.

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