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5 Ways to Reinforce Learning

Posted by Steve Flanagan on 1/27/14 3:00 AM
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Here are five performance support activities that will reinforce learning after the core learning solution has been completed. 


1. Coaching session. A post-course coaching session is an effective way of providing a learner with the help and support of an expert who already has the knowledge and skill. Coaching sessions are particularly useful when a longer learning curve is expected.


2. Follow-up workgroup. A follow-up workgroup reassembles learners after they have had a chance to start applying their new knowledge and skills. This performance support activity can be done face-to-face, by phone, or via the internet.


3. Knowledge database orientation assignment. This post-course support activity is most effective when the core learning solution delivered software training. The database assignment allows learners to practice and reinforce content from the training by completing an assignment that requires them to reference specific items in the database.


4. Assigned reading. This is a simple exercise that requires learners to read information that supplements the content covered in the core learning solution. The reading can be done traditionally with paper-based reading materials or via the internet.


5. Scavenger hunt. This “search and learn” exercise familiarizes learners with the company’s internal and external websites, databases, and paper-based resources by sending them on a “hunt” to find specific information. This performance support activity can be done traditionally or via the internet.


Supplementing a good core learning solution with one of these performance support activities (blended learning) will increase the likelihood that the knowledge and skill delivered in the core learning solution will transfer to the job.


When the core learning solution is complete and learners return to the workplace, additional information and practice are often needed. Without specific performance support activities, the knowledge and skill acquired during the core learning solution may not transfer to the workplace.

Steve has been a course leader with Langevin since 2000. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and dreamed of being a pro soccer player. Steve translated his love of soccer and physical performance to the corporate sector and became a trainer. He’s had the pleasure of training within the government, large corporations, and as an independent consultant. Outside of training, Steve’s two biggest passions are his family and guitars, which he collects and plays!

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