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3 Resources for e-Learning

Posted by Langevin Team on 10/24/13 4:00 AM
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There is so much information about e-learning products and software, but where can you go to get it? I have three sources that will give you some perspective you need to be well informed about your e-learning options.

This easy-to-navigate site provides you with a variety of resources specific to e-learning. However, the access you will have to the resources is based on your membership level. While the guild offers three higher level memberships for a fee, the most basic membership, "The Associate," is FREE.

Under the “Content” tab, you will be able to view the Learning Solutions Magazine. Articles older than 90 days are available to everyone, but for more current articles, membership is required. Guild research, publications, an events archive, and a conference archive are also available; access varies by membership level.

I've included this specific link because it’s primarily an app information site for a variety of industry segments. However, this site provides a tool with many options to compare different software. You are given the opportunity to select which specific comparison you'd like to see.

Once you make your selection, an easy-to-read navigation chart appears with a column for each software you selected. The chart provides comparison information in ten different areas including "Overview," "Screen Shots," "Features," and "Pricing," to name just a few.


If you've taken a Langevin workshop, you have access to this site. The "Resources" tab contains lots of great information including an "e-Learning Links" section. Within "e-Learning Links," you'll find ten different sections containing current industry information. 

There are so many places on the internet to get e-learning information. The three I've highlighted will provide you lots of great information and perspective as you navigate the world of e-learning.

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