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How to Market Training Internally

Posted by Langevin Team on 4/11/13 4:00 AM
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With so many tasks on our training plates, from needs analysis to course evaluations, we often forget about the importance of marketing our training. I have read that trainers are not considered good marketers. We are outgoing, confident, and frequently in front of an audience, so how can this be?

When I ask clients why they believe we are ineffective at marketing, I get responses ranging from, “I am too busy” (which I hear most often), to “I don’t like to brag or boast.”

Marketing our efforts is critical if we don’t want to be given meaningless work or, even worse, to be considered during the next downsizing.

I would like to provide some encouragement regarding marketing. Marketing your training does not only include the posters, banners, t-shirts, or company newsletters, which can be time consuming. It also consists of the day-to-day activities conducted by your department. Marketing is frequently the simple things we often forget or take for granted.

Believe it or not, marketing is also simply saying hello, smiling, and listening. It is how you dress and walk. Everything we say and do, or don’t say and do, has a marketing impact. As training leaders, we need our staff to be fully aware of how their daily activities can have a significant impact on marketing. Nobody in the organization will want to use our services if training is perceived to be an unfriendly, uncomfortable, or unprofessional environment. We have all heard stories of customers who are willing to pay more for the same product at a store that has superb customer service.

So, go out and create the brand of training you can be proud of. It really does not take a great deal of time.


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