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Ralph Langevin

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Ralph's Recipe for Successful Learning

Posted by Ralph Langevin on 12/24/12 6:50 AM

On the twelfth day of recipes,
my trainer sent to me,
a special treat from Langevin,

Biscotti made with chocolate,
boiled custard in a glass,

hummus served with olive oil,
Nonna’s yummy counter cake,

a splash of rum in a holiday punch,
tasty chicken served with rice,

a pan of glazed pecaaaans!
A salad dressed with Balsamic,

chili cooked in one big pot,
apple crisp in seven steps,

and the secret to potato latkes!

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Tough Enough to Train: How Valuable Are Those Level 1 Scores?

Posted by Ralph Langevin on 2/21/11 4:52 AM

Recently, I had an interesting experience in the classroom regarding facilitation. The discussion centered on how often instructors depend on training tricks, exercises, and activities that can be very condescending. What if, instead, instructors were really listening and thinking about challenging their participants. They then might truly be able to enhance and participate in the learning.

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Topics: evaluation, instructor-led training, learners

Using Social Networking in Training

Posted by Ralph Langevin on 1/25/10 1:03 AM

 A "tweet": Hi Joe, “I’m eating some “killer” cheesecake at the new XYZ restaurant that just opened on Main Street. The food’s delish, you’ve gotta try it!”  Ralph

Welcome to the world of social networking! What exactly is social networking? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – these are all internet-based tools used to communicate with people. They have become the standard means of sharing our lives – the joys, the sorrows, the funny times, as well as the ordinary occurrences of life – with others.

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Topics: blended learning, tips-for-trainers

Mama Told Me There'd Be Days Like This

Posted by Ralph Langevin on 12/23/09 6:31 AM

 Indeed, Mama told me there'd be days like this but she didn't tell me how to prevent these days from happening or what to do when they happen. I know what you are thinking, "What are you talking about, Ralph?"

I'm talking about those days or moments in the classroom we've all experienced and dreaded. Those times when we have had a difficult participant (or many) to deal with.

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Topics: difficult participants, instructor-led training, tips-for-trainers

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