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Melissa Grey Satterfield

Melissa has been a course leader with Langevin since 2000. She graduated from the University of Nevada where she studied broadcast communications. During her college years, Melissa worked as an on-air personality for several radio and TV stations in Las Vegas. She’s always been a bit of a performer, which is probably why training is such a good fit for her. Before coming to Langevin, she was a senior training specialist and course developer for an organization based in L.A. Melissa knows the challenges trainers face, as well as the rewards that come with improving job performance. Her training mantra is summed up best by something she learned during her very first Langevin workshop, “Never do for the learners what the learners can do for themselves.” When not in the classroom, Melissa loves travelling, relaxing at the beach, cooking, and hosting dinner parties.

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5 Virtual Classroom Design Constraints

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 11/30/15 3:00 AM

If you’ve ever attended Langevin’s Instructional Design for New Designers workshop, you know that early on in the design cycle we cover project planning. At this stage in the process, we’re looking to identify potential design constraints and determine the timing parameters for our proposed design project.

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Tags: virtual classroom, instructional design

Why I Love Being a Trainer

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 9/21/15 4:00 AM

The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television® is America’s premier morning show that brings today’s busy on-the-go modern woman positive solutions and cutting-edge ideas to help balance and enrich their everyday lives. Recently, I was privileged to represent Langevin on an episode of the show. During the ensuing interview by host Olga Villaverde, she asked two right-to-the-heart questions: how did I get my start in the training industry, and what did I enjoy most about my current role as a course leader with Langevin?

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4 Ways to Answer Tough Questions

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 9/14/15 4:00 AM

Honesty is the only policy when responding to questions in an instructional setting. However, blatantly admitting, “I don’t know,” in response to a direct question from a learner can be disastrous. The solution is to be honest and maintain credibility at the same time. No one can know the answer to every question. It is how the situation is handled that separates the great trainers from the amateurs. Take a look at the following four strategies and keep them in your back pocket to help you field even the toughest questions with confidence.

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Tags: instructional techniques

Training vs. Performance Consulting

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 7/20/15 4:00 AM

I recently gave my business card to someone who questioned my title. She knew I was in the training industry, but didn’t know the details of my job. I realized she wasn’t questioning my abilities, as much as what the title meant. The title I’m referring to is, “Performance Consultant.” What ensued was a quick, down-and-dirty, five-minute explanation of the performance consultant role, and how it’s both different and similar to a traditional training role. They both begin with a job performance need, usually in the form of a request for training. Something’s wrong, and someone’s got to fix it. Performance consultants use a systematic approach to evaluate employee job performance, and then recommend the appropriate solution.

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Tags: performance consulting

5 Benefits of Professional Trainer Certification

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 5/25/15 4:00 AM

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” You probably recognize this quote from the Shakespearean play, “Hamlet.” But in this case, I’m not writing about Shakespeare, Hamlet, or plays in general. I’m referring to the question I’m asked frequently by my clients on whether they should get certified, or not. Gaining a professional certification is a step that sets you apart – it benchmarks your knowledge and skills in a recognized way, and Langevin offers the most recognized and widely attended certification program in the training industry. To date, over 20,000 training professionals have been certified with us.

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Tags: certification, train the trainer

4 Strategies for Coping with Challenging Participants in the Virtual Classroom

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 4/6/15 4:00 AM



How to cope with challenging participants is certainly not a new topic. In fact, you’ll find numerous blog articles written by my colleagues (and myself, for that matter) on handling challenging situations in a traditional classroom setting. But what about dealing with difficult learners in a live, online, synchronous environment or virtual classroom? How you respond to a challenging behavior can make the difference between a healthy, collaborative learning experience and an awkward, uncomfortable session everyone wants to escape. While many of the coping strategies are the same for instructor-led training and virtual classroom training, there are some subtle differences.

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Tags: virtual trainer, virtual classroom

Whiteboards in the Virtual Classroom

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 3/9/15 4:00 AM

If you’ve ever attended one of Langevin’s virtual classroom workshops, Learning in the Virtual Classroom, and/or The Virtual Trainer, you’ve been exposed to a virtual whiteboard (a.k.a. a PowerPoint slide you can annotate). Most synchronous software programs have them. They function in the same way a flipchart does in a traditional classroom setting, allowing everyone to contribute. The most common use of a virtual whiteboard is to record ideas during a discussion, but the possibilities don’t end there!

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Tags: virtual trainer, virtual classroom

3 Key Steps for Becoming a Virtual Classroom Trainer

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 8/11/14 4:00 AM

Since the launch of our newest workshop, The Virtual Trainer, I’ve received quite a few questions about how to make the transition from traditional classroom training to the virtual classroom. People tend to focus on the technological and content changes that are required; however, one of the most common challenges during this transition is preparing yourself to train in this new platform. To help address these questions, below I’ve included an excerpt from our virtual trainer course where we cover this very topic. 

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Tags: virtual trainer, virtual classroom

How to Deal with Speaker’s Anxiety

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 5/26/14 4:00 AM



It’s early 2014 and my husband is in our living room, pacing to and fro, anxious about his presentation skills and about giving a presentation for “the powers that be” at his office. As many organizations do in the first few months of a new year, they ask department heads to share their goals and plans for the upcoming year. When I asked him what was making him so nervous, he said, “Unlike you, I don’t speak in front of people on a regular basis – it’s nerve wracking!”

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Tags: presentation skills, instructor-led training

7 Tips for Success in the Virtual Classroom

Posted by Melissa Grey Satterfield on 4/14/14 4:00 AM



Let’s face it, live, synchronous, virtual learning is not just a trend, it’s a training delivery strategy that’s here to stay! It’s extremely effective, economical, and geographically desirable! If you’ve never attended a virtual classroom training session, you might think it a bit scary. I must admit, I was a little nervous when attending my first virtual classroom session.

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Tags: virtual trainer, virtual classroom, instructor-led training

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