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5 Ways to Make Learning Easier

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 3/18/19 8:00 AM
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Have you ever applied for a home loan or refinanced your existing home loan? If you have, you know that it can be a long, tedious, and frustrating process. Often there’s too much time spent on the process, an abundance of paperwork to sign, too many fees, and there are too many people involved. By the end of the process, you may even wonder why you bothered in the first place. The process is much too cumbersome. This makes me wonder if anyone in the banking or mortgage business has asked the question, “How can we make this process easier for the customer?” If they did, maybe the entire process would be overhauled and simplified. Granted, they have many legalities that necessitate all the paperwork but, in my mind, everything can be simplified and improved if you put yourself in the shoes of the customer and streamline every step.


Those of us in the training industry can and should be doing the same thing. We should always ask, “How can I make learning easier and more fun for my employees?” If you do, then every decision you make moving forward will lead to improvements in your training!


Here are five ways to make learning easier and fun for your participants:

1. Use a variety of visual aids – tap into multiple learning preferences by using slides, videos, pictures, charts, graphics, and audio to deliver your lessons. 

2. Incorporate short breaks frequently – adult learners need physical and mental breaks to help them stay focused, energized, and engaged in your classes. Strive for short breaks every hour or hour and a half. 

3. Use small group exercises – these activities help to break up the lectures and give your learners a chance to have fun, work with others, and get a physical break from hearing your voice.

4. Incorporate the principles of adult learning – if you follow the seven adult learning principles featured in Langevin’s How Adults Learn workshop, your training will be focused on the learner, interactive and fun, and relevant to the participant’s jobs.

5. Include brain teasers and icebreaker activities – adding an element of entertainment and friendly competition to a training session is a great way to get participants engaged and working together. Use them at strategic times like first thing in the morning, right after lunch, and right after breaks.

So, there you have it trainers. If you put these five tips to use, you will be answering the question, “How can I make learning easier and more fun for my employees?” To learn more about these instructional techniques, and tons of others, our Instructional Techniques for New Instructors workshop is the perfect place to start!


Ultimate Guide to Making Training Fun

Topics: adult learning principles, instructional techniques, instructor-led training, facilitation

Written by Lynne Koltookian

Lynne has been a course leader with Langevin since 2007. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in Education from Boston University. After working many years in human resources and sales, Lynne transitioned into training, her true passion, where she’s been facilitating since 1994. Her training philosophy is simple—learning should be fun! The essence of a good instructor is someone who can make complex things easy to understand and fun to learn. In her free time, you’ll find Lynne cycling, hiking, downhill skiing, and scuba diving.

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