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5 Instructional Techniques to Create a Training Masterpiece

Posted by Lynne Koltookian on 5/23/16 8:00 AM
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I love to bake. The thing about baking is that you must include quality ingredients in just the right proportions, and in just the right way, for the recipe to come out perfectly. If you slip up in the building process, your dessert could end up being a disaster! When we design and deliver training we must use the same principles that a pastry chef uses. We must include all of the right elements for our training and in just the right amounts for a successful course and satisfied learners!


In our Advanced Instructional Techniques workshop, we explore all of the elements needed to create and maintain a positive learning environment. When someone is new to the training profession they may not realize how little additions to training can add up to big results!


Here are five instructional techniques to create your own training masterpiece:

1. Greet your learners in a welcoming fashion and share some small talk with them when they first arrive. This helps relieve tension that you and your arrivals may both be feeling.


2. Use brainteasers and icebreakers to build good small group relationships in your class. If learners do not know each other, it is especially useful to strategically place brainteasers and icebreakers throughout the session to help people feel comfortable. If people feel relaxed and comfortable, they learn more!


3. Build a small amount of lecture into your training, as well as a variety of delivery methods to keep participants engaged.


4. Use plenty of hands-on exercises to increase learning and retention, especially with tougher concepts and skills.


5. Use fun summaries and review exercises to help your participants focus on key takeaways and end your classes on a positive note.


Just about every trainer comes into our workshops eager to improve their effectiveness and build more engagement and fun into their classes. With a little pinch of lecture and a lot of activity mixed up in just the right order, I am confident your training masterpieces will come out perfectly!


Check out Langevin's Certified Instructor/Faciltator program for all the skills and knowledge you'll need to be the best trainer YOU can be!


Do you have some tried-and-true instructional techniques to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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Lynne has been a course leader with Langevin since 2007. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Penn State University and a Master’s degree in Education from Boston University. After working many years in human resources and sales, Lynne transitioned into training, her true passion, where she’s been facilitating since 1994. Her training philosophy is simple—learning should be fun! The essence of a good instructor is someone who can make complex things easy to understand and fun to learn. In her free time, you’ll find Lynne cycling, hiking, downhill skiing, and scuba diving.

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